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If your heater, AC, or fridge is not running properly, it may be drawing more energy than it should be, and therefore costing you more each month.  If you noticed a rise in costs and can't figure out why, let us come out and check your systems for any maintenance and repairs needed.

We've got you covered

If you're building your dream home or just updating your current home, we have the experience to ensure your comfort all year round.  We can clean, repair, and install your furnaces or remove an outdated HVAC system.  If you're not looking to get rid of your HVAC but wish it was more energy and cost efficient, we can install a heat recovery system that allows for better air flow, so your HVAC won't work as hard, and will use less energy to run.

Fully certified services

We are fully certified through Ferris State University for the transitioning and recovery of refrigerants. Freon, the chemical that gets your refrigerator or AC cold can be hard to handle, especially if you are untrained in how to do it properly.  That's why, here at Middleburgh Sheet Metal, we will gladly remove or replace this harmful chemical for you and dispose of it properly, so as to not harm the environment!

Save money on your next energy bill